2016 Solo National Trophy Winners

Congratulations to Milwaukee Region Drivers who collected trophies at the 2016 Solo Nationals.

1st in ES, Andrew Canak
1st in BML, Mary Bahr
2nd in ASL, Denise Cashmore
2nd in STS, Jason Frank
2nd in CSP, Neal Tovsen
2nd in CSPL, Gretchen Austin
2nd in EP, Patrick Washburn
3rd in STS, Andrew Barber
3rd in STSL, Hilary Frank
3rd in BM, Zachary Moore
4th in STX, Mike Leeder
5th in AS, Jeff Cashmore
7th in HS, Sam Karp
8th in STS, Mark McKnight
14th in STS, Mathew Waich
15th in STS, Kyle Klein
17th in STX, Bart Hockerman

Milwaukee Region SCCA