Congratulations to Our Top Ten 2016 Runoffs Drivers

Congratulations to Milwaukee Region’s top ten drivers from the 2016 Runoff’s.

1st in AS, Andrew McDermid
1st in GT1, Cliff Ebben

3rd in Gt1, Dave Ruehlow
4th in FV, Andrew Whitston
4th in P2, Jake Thielmann
4th in T2, Tim Kezman
5th in EP, Steve Smyczek
5th in FF, Scott Reubenzer
5th in HP, Dan Meller
5th in P1, Jason Miller
6th in FE, Dennis Marklein
7th in FF, Jeffrey Bartz
7th in GT2, Tim Kezman
8th in GT2, Johathan Start
9th in HP, Greg Gauper

Milwaukee Region SCCA