Beyond the Region

Beyond the Region

Regional events are hosted around the country by the individual Regions of the SCCA, just like the Milwaukee Region. Event sizes vary from a few dozen to 200+ people, here in the Milwaukee we average around 140 entrants per event. Whether you are looking to branch out for some new competition, or want to explore some different event sites, the SCCA offers events which can expand your horizons. Below are the current “next level” options available throughout the country from the SCCA.

Match Tour
Match Tours are two-day events where the first day is a “traditional” autocross followed by a second day of qualifying runs and then the Top Dog or Under Dog challenges to determine an overall event winner. Some travel is required to get to these events, they host a couple events each year in the Midwest, both in Peru, IN and Toledo, OH.

CAM Challenge
Classic America Muscle (CAM) is one of the newest and hottest classes from SCCA. Featuring some of the best looking and sounding Muscle cars in the country the CAM Challenge events will be a modified version of the “Tire Rack SCCA Match Tour Rules”.

Championship Tour (also know as National Tour)
The SCCA Championship Tour is a set of events which create conditions similar to those seen at the season-ending SCCA Solo National Championships in Lincoln, NE. Champ Tour events attract some of the highest-level national competitors and local drivers who want to see how they stack up against each other. Again these events will require some traveling, (Peru, IN – Toledo, OH – Lincoln, NE are our closest), but if you are looking to step up in competition this is the place for you. Talk with some of the more experienced drivers in the Milwaukee Region for more info, they are happy to take you under their wing.

It starts like drag racing, but with turns. With two mirror-image courses set up, reaction time, getting a good launch, and being consistently fast play a role in winning at ProSolo. This series travels the country and competitors collect points that set them up to be crowned ProSolo Champion at the season finale in Lincoln, NE.

National Championship
The TireRack SCCA Solo Nationals is the largest auto competition for sports cars in the world. More than 1,200 competitors descend on Lincoln, Nebraska each year for a competition which takes a week to complete and crowns a national champion in each class. There are a group of participants from Milwaukee Region which attend this event, again, just ask, we are always looking for people to attend and represent the Milwaukee Region.

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