Board of Directors Election

Hello region members,

There were no mailed election material for the 2017 Milwaukee Region Board of Directors this year.  The region By-Laws state, in Article III.3.f, that if the number of candidates are the same as the number of open seats, there is no balloting of the members and the candidates will be elected to the board. New members shall take office beginning with the October BOD meeting

The results of this is that the following members will be the new members serving on the Milwaukee Region Board of Directors, links to their bio questions are below.

We would like to thank Dale Schubel, Mark Troemel, and Dave Yahn for their service on the Milwaukee Region Board of Directors, as new members will transition into their seats during the October BOD meeting.

In addition, Jim Jurgenson was chosen by the board to fill the remaining term for an open seat at the August board meeting.

Milwaukee Region SCCA