Solo Annual Tech Inspection

Solo Annual Technical Inspection

Milwaukee Region SCCA Annual Tech Procedure:  In order to help reduce amount of pre-event preparation time, the region has adopted an annual tech program.  This procedure, based on Nationals guidelines, will reduce the time for non-annual tech’d cars to wait in line for inspection. If you have any questions, comments or concerns on this procedure please contact Chief of Tech.


Eligible members for annual tech inspection must be current annual SCCA member and have competed in five Milwaukee Region SCCA Solo events in the previous year.  Also, all Milwaukee Region SCCA Solo Committee members, any solo chiefs, co-chiefs or chiefs in training in the region are eligible.  These people generally spend a large part of their morning preparing equipment and helping members for the day.  Therefore, these people are granted annual tech inspection due to the work they devote to the region.

Annual Tech Process

What to bring: You must bring all of the items needed while on course.  This includes, of course, your car, helmet and safety gear (for kart drivers).  The car must be in full race trim with numbers and class letters on the car and on the primary wheel and tire combination (dry).  You also must bring your membership card.  People not able to present all of the above will not be granted annual tech.  Keep in mind that if the car normally has two drivers, the second drivers helmet and safety equipment must be present as well.

The procedure: The annual tech procedure will take roughly 10-15 minutes.  It will be performed by a team of either two or three people that work on the tech crew (including the tech chief/co-chief/chief in training).  You are urged to be present when we are performing the procedure.  The process takes longer than a regular tech inspection as we are checking the car more thoroughly.  If any problems are found, the car will be denied the annual tech sticker until the item is fixed.

Credentials: The car will be given an annual tech inspection sticker which is distinct from the event-to-event stickers.  It is designed to withstand the elements and last the entire season, however, if the sticker comes off of the car, we can issue a new one.

Modifications / alterations after the car has been approved: If there is a significant modification or alteration to the car or safety equipment, the car must be given a brief re-inspection.

Surprise Inspections: The chief of tech has the right to ask for re-inspection at any time of an annual tech’d car.  Every car should be expected to be re-inspected at every event.

Two-Driver Cars

Remember that the annual tech sticker is placed on the car, not the member driving the car even though eligibility status is given on a member to member basis rather than car to car.  Therefore, if an annual tech’d car is getting co-driven either all year long or on an event to event status, the co-driver does not need to have tech inspection done.  An example would be if I as a chief was having a friend drive my car.  That friend is not eligible for annual tech.  Since I was annual tech’d, my friend does not need to take the car to the tech line.  The only exception is with shifter or junior karts when safety equipment needs to be checked in addition to the kart itself.  Another example would be if I decided to drive a friends car.  He is not eligible for annual tech but I am.  In that case the car would need to be taken to the tech line for event to event inspection.  Also remember that every helmet needs a SCCA approved helmet sticker.  The starter will be checking for helmet stickers.  If you are a member normally not eligible for annual tech, and will be using the two-driver annual tech privilege, make sure you get a helmet sticker so the starter knows that your helmet is approved.


Each member is responsible for having a safe and legal car.  Car classification and legality is not brought up in any technical inspection process, regardless of being from event to event or annual.  Each competitor is responsible for being in the correct class and having legal modifications.  Each annual tech inspected member is responsible for having their car meeting the safety rules in section 3.3 of the rulebook.


The annual tech privilege may be revoked at any time either directed towards a specific member or as the entire group as a whole.  Grounds for member revocation can be, but are not limited too; violation of the safety rules, generally acting in a foolish, irate or troublesome manner, and failure to report for work assignments.  Annual tech as a whole may be cancelled at any time and the old tech inspection process would be readopted.

Eligible Regions

SCCA Milwaukee and Chicago Region will recognize each others annual tech programs.

Milwaukee Region SCCA