Solo Nationals Registration & Region Tent!

Registration for Solo Nationals (Sept 4-8, 2017) in Lincoln, NE is now open.  You can view the Run-Work to figure out when your class runs, but really you should come out for as many days as you can, we’re all around to support other region members any way we can.  Banquets on Wednesday and Friday night are included with your entry, as well as a Welcoming Party & Talent Show on Monday night.

This year the paddock registration has changed again, when signing up you will see an option for paddocking with a group, if you would like to paddock us, then make sure to select your group as “Milwaukee/Chicago”.

Also, we’re excited to announce that this year we will have one of the largest party tents, 30×30 to be exact!  We will be looking locally to go pick up free/cheap furniture from CraigsList to add to the relaxation, and will be bringing the region grill.  If anyone has an extra grill they’re welcome to bring one to make any cook out processes go faster.  Also there will be a community cooler.  Feel free to bring some beer to share if you plan on partaking in some beer.

We will be looking for any stereo equipment you’re willing to volunteer to share for music in the party tent, maybe some Christmas lights to help set the mood also would be a nice touch to have.  We are open to whatever other ideas people might have… cornhole, washers, etc.  More information will be provided as we get closer to Solo Nationals.

Looking forward to showing up in Lincoln in force this year, lets out do Atlanta this year!

Milwaukee Region SCCA